Your car is parked securely in the parking lot when you run into the grocery store – but when you get back, it turns out that your vehicle has been broken in and your stuff stolen in it. One of the first questions you ask yourself is does car insurance cover break ins?

Whether the insurance covers theft may vary depending on the situation and the type of car insurance you have. Comprehensive insurance usually covers theft as well as repair costs due to burglary damage. Liability insurance probably does not cover theft, as it usually protects against personal injury and material damage resulting from an accident.

Call the police

Your first instinct will probably be to grab a cell phone and call the police; trust this instinct. Assuming you have made a quick safety assessment and are not in immediate danger, you should probably use a non-emergency number. If you’re in a store parking lot, you might want to locate a security guard while waiting for the police to arrive. Also remember that your vehicle is now a crime scene, so resist the desire to search the interior to see what is damaged or missing, or to touch anything. You must have a police report if you plan to file an insurance claim. And make sure that the report includes all items damaged or stolen, both in the car and in the car – regardless of whether the items themselves are insured, you can recover them if a vandal is found .

Document evidence – take pictures

You already know that in the event of an accident you should always take pictures, especially if you are going to file an insurance claim. The same applies to burglary. And let’s face it, this one is now easy to do, considering that virtually every cell phone on our planet has a built-in camera.

Does car insurance cover break ins?

Contact with the insurer

If you have comprehensive insurance coverage, the insurer will have to pay for the actual damage to the car, but you will not receive compensation for any loose items that lay inside, such as a cell phone. Regardless, it is a good idea to contact the insurer and inform him of the burglary so that you can find out what information you need to provide in case you decide to file a claim.

Ask for a quote and calculate whether submitting the application makes sense

Contact an insurance agent or take your car to a reputable bodywork workshop for an estimate of the cost of repairs. Even if you have comprehensive protection under your car insurance policy, you will probably have to pay a deduction before returning any money. If the cost of repairs does not significantly exceed your deduction, and you have not already paid for the deduction in another claim filed this year, paying for repairs yourself may make more sense. If you decide to make a claim, your insurance company will often send an insurer to assess the damage and recommend a bodywork workshop where you can make repairs. 

Whether you file a claim or pay for the repair yourself, you should repair any damage to the glass as soon as possible. A broken window not only blocks the door, but driving with broken glass can lead to injury and further damage.



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